Luxury candles with a wooden lid and a leather handle, choosing from 5 beautiful, relaxing scents.
• Dutch Vanilla
• Fresh Linen
• Apple & Pear
• French Cade Lavender
• White Tea & Ginger

Replacing the lid after using prolongs the fragrance, ensuring long lasting use.

Our candles are all made from natural soy wax and a premium fragrance oil.

You can choose from 6 different coloured labels
• White
• Orange
• Purple
• Green
• Blue
• Cream

Our scented candles arrive in a reinforced gift box, making them the perfect gift for a loved one or friend.

You can choose from one of our designs or personalise your own.

Burn Time = 21-25 hrs
Dimensions = 8cm D x 9cm H

C1 = Personalised with any words of your choice (up to 100 words)
C2 = Because the dog farted – Notes of: Vanilla & no more shit
C3 = Light me when it’s been one of those fucking days – Notes of: Vanilla & chilled vibes
C4 = I miss you like an idiot misses the point – Notes of: Vanilla & memories
C5 = Thank you for being our bridesmaid – Notes of: Linen & appreciation
C6 = Our friendship is like this candle. Forget me and I’ll burn your house down – Notes of: Linen & fire bitch
C7 = I hope this candle smells better than the shit you’ve been through – Notes of: Linen & good vibes
C8 = My last fuck. Oh, look it’s on fire – Notes of: Apple & no fucks given
C9 = When this candle is lit, I don’t give a shit – Notes of: Pear & no shits given
C10 = Oops … woke up still gay! – Notes of: Ginger & yasss queen
C11 = Every time you light this candle a dickhead disappears – Notes of: Lavender & bye hun
C12 = Smells like one of those fucking days – Notes of: Lavender & zen
C13 = You beautiful bitch – Notes of Tea & hot stuff

Please recycle after use