#737 Hen Party Badges x 15

Close to the Bone Greeting Cards


Simply pick out one badge each to reveal your task from the bag supplied
Badge 1 Fake an Orgasm (for 1 minute)
Badge 2 Lick a Hairy Chest
Badge 3 Dance by Yourself (for 1 full song)
Badge 4 Kiss a Bouncer
Badge 5 Sing to a Stranger
Badge 6 Kiss a Bald Man
Badge 7 Kiss a Minger (Ugly Man)
Badge 8 Propose to a Random Man
Badge 9 Don't Say it Sing it (sing everything you say for 5 mins
Badge 10 Kiss a Barman
Badge 11 Put Lipstick on a Man
Badge 12 Wear your Bra over your top (for 1 hour)
Badge 13 Get 5 Selfie photos with 5 Separate Men
Badge 14 Ask for change for the Condom Machine from the Bar or a Random person
Badge 15 Kiss a Man with a Beard
37mm / 3.7cm /  1.5 inch
All our badges are designed, printed and manufactured in the UK
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Please recycle after use